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In Six Words

This weeks word from the list is Heart

24 heart

Apologies for the lateness of this! I can hardly believe I’m not well again! I’ve been laid up since last weekend with what my GP suspects might be gallstones! It is certainly painful and sitting at my desk is so uncomfortable.
I’m posting to Instagram because I can do that from bed in a new position I have found that is fairly comfortable! Obviously over the week I have tried many things!!!! Joely Moley.

Thank you for such happy thoughts and pictures last week :)

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Week 25

This week for Helelna’s lovely meme my Snap! is Emerging

My garden is somewhat unkempt due to lack of energy on my part but through my camera lens I can concentrate on the plants that look good. After all, who wants to look at knee high weeds? Actually maybe that would make a good snap too…weeds for thought.
Yesterday morning I was struck by these buds.

Hydranger This was planted in the shade and is always behind but it means it is still in flower when everyone else’s is finished. Balance. Everything’s about balance isn’t it?


The Fairy I have never seen so many buds on this pretty pink rose.

Alchemilla Mollis I’m not that keen on the flowers on this but I photographed the raindrops on the leaves only a few days ago and now, flower buds!
Did you know… Alchemilla mollis takes its name from the Arabic, meaning little magical one, as in the middle ages the water collected from its leaves after a morning dew was said to have healing properties. (could have saved that for Sian on a Monday! if only I’d had my muse goggles on…)


This is Remember Me, the rose I planted for my late father whose birthday it was last week. When she blooms I’ll let you see her, she is very beautiful.


Thank you Helena.


Week 24

My Snap! for Week 19 was Blossom

This week for Helelna’s lovely meme my Snap! is Progress

I love the stages of growth here.

Snap Strawberries

Something nice to look forward to, last year pears were beautiful.


The apples will be ready in October but they are never sweet enough for me to eat so I leave them for photographing and for the birds to feast on.


The cherry is ornamental and I’ve never seen it fruit but here it is this morning

Snap cherry

Thank you for the suggestion to photograph the progress from the blossom to the fruit. And, hopefully, (memory permitting) there will be another Snap! opportunity around the fruit in a couple of months!

Thank you Helena.