Week 30

I think my Snap collection this week, is particularly apt for Helena

Yarn over the graves

We visited Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol recently. Who would have thought a cemetery would be so interesting?

Although having said that, I was reminded how much my mother used to love being taken to our local cemetery. We would push her wheelchair miles around the graves, she would send us to look for ‘so&so’ or ‘whatshisname’ who she was sure was buried ‘just over there’

Anyway, During July at Arnos Vale there are so many interesting guided walks and talks but nothing on the day we went! so we just ambled along following the trail on a map we had, spotting various headstones, obelisks and secret signs. It is a very old cemetery with the first burial in 1839. We were both saddened by the very young age of a lot of the folks buried there. We were amused that so many folk just ‘fell asleep’ We promised each other that we would poke each other a lot to check for vital signs before…too much information.

I was intrigued, however, by this yarn bombing!






Thank you Helena.


Week 29

Some I have more pictures from Dryham Park for this weeks Snap by Helena.

The back door of the House which has been ‘glazed’ with my Glaze App


Some of the herd including a completely brown stag. I edited the picture with an app called Distressed.


A hot air balloon in the sky over Bristol edited by me with some textures by Pixel Dust Photos


A landscape view from ‘the top’ of the park


Thank you Helena